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Let's Build a Permanent Home For Kettle Corn NYC (launching soon!)




My passion is making kettle corn the "old fashioned way", hand-stirred in a kettle. I love when you follow us around the city to get your stash. I love when you share with us how much you love our kettle corn and how much it means to you.

Many of you have been asking us to open a store for you so we will be available to you anytime of the year, so here I am asking for your help to open our first permanent home for Kettle Corn NYC.


Why We Are Different


Like no other, we make kettle corn the "old fashioned way", hand-stirred in an actual kettle.

We use a dual process method which infuses the flavor into the corn and coats each kernel as it pops. We use non-g.m.o. kernels and all of our flavors are gluten-free.



How we are going to succeed

We are working closely with the NYC Business Solutions Center who is guiding us through every step in the entire process of opening a store. We have years of experience at making great kettle corn, a great dedicated team and we have established a dedicated following.

What is the funding used for

We are looking for a location in centralized Manhattan, with high foot traffic. Your contributions will go towards helping us pay for the commercial lease and deposits.

Our other start-up costs include the build-out, where all 4 walls, ceiling, floor and exhaust vents are designed and built to code, as well as the kettle corn equipment, inventory and supplies, advertising, insurance, licensing, permits and professional fees. These other costs are being funded by our capital investment, lenders and other sources.

Help Us: Why


For helping us, you will receive some really cool goods and rewards, like a flavor named after you, a Kettle Corn making demonstration or special recognition in our store, on our website and on our social media platforms. You can also be awarded V.I.P. status, which includes announcing your presence and ringing the bell as you enter the store, or a front of the line pass, or an invitation to 'The Launch Party' or 'The New Flavors Taste Test Event'.

Your contributions will make us available to everyone all year long, at the store as well as our online orders. For the past 10 years we have been limited to how we can be available to you. With your help we will be limited no more. 
We will have all of our flavors, plus many exciting new ones (some named after you). 



When we launch, here is how you can help:

1. Spread the word.
The more people who know about the campaign the sooner we will reach our goal. Please Facebook, tweet, blog, email or text your friends, loved ones, clients, dog or plumber this link:http://supportkettlecornnyc.com/ and tell them Kettle Corn NYC needs Your Help to build a permanent home! If you'd like prewritten posts for Facebook or a prewritten email just reply back and I'll be happy to supply that for you!

2. Give money.
Money is needed! Smaller amounts will secure my love and adoration, larger amounts will secure some pretty nice perks here: http://supportkettlecornnyc.com/

3. When we launch, leave a comment here: http://supportkettlecornnyc.com/
Please cheer me on! I know it may sound silly but it would help so much!




Our Vision for the Store

As you walk down a NYC street, you notice someone in a shop window stirring it up in a large kettle. As you get closer, you see enormous kernels of popcorn flying out of the kettle with a fury. 

Intrigued by what you see, you open the door to the shop and immediately catch that sweet tantalizing aroma of fresh hand-popped kettle corn. There is no other delicious smell quite like it.
You watch as the hand-popper dumps the fresh hot batch out of the kettle into a specially designed table that has holes in the bottom. The kettle corn is then sifted by hand to remove all of the un-popped kernels. 
As your mouth waters, we welcome you to reach for the free samples of every flavor in our store.


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Here's what our customers have to say about us on yelp
On Yelp, Kettle Corn NYC fans give us a 4.5 Star Rating.

Thank you for your support. We are New York City's most popular fresh hand-popped kettle corn because of all of you.
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