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Gourmet Flavors

Original Kettle Corn



Natural Cheddar

Cheddar coated Caramel

Spicy Cheddar

Spicy Cajun BBQ

Spicy Ranch

Chili Lime



Salt & Vinegar

Bacon & Cheese

Hot Jalepeno

Sour Cream & Chives

Regular Salted Popcorn



Note: All orders are popped fresh-to-order. Kettle corn is not available to be shipped until we make it for you on the weekends.

How to Order


To order kettle corn to be made fresh for you, click on the flavor to the left of these instructions.

This will bring you to the products page. The products page will show a picture of kettle corn and underneath the picture it will again indicate the flavor. Use your mouse to click on this flavor under the picture.


This will take you to the ordering page.

Use your mouse to select the size.

Then again to select the quantity. 

Then finally to Add To Cart.

These items will be saved in your cart until you are ready to complete your purchase and check out. 

If you want to order more flavors, click on the flavor to the left of  this webpage at anytime. It will add items to the rest of your items in your cart. You can always add or remove items or quantities at anytime by clicking View Cart, located in the upper most corner/top right hand side of any page on our website. Located directly above the Facebook and Twitter icons.


To complete your purchase and check out. You may do this anytime by scrolling to the upper most corner/top right hand side of any page on our website. Located directly above the Facebook and Twitter icons. 

Click View Cart, under the quantity of Items in your cart. This will take you to your Shopping Cart page. 


On the Shopping Cart page:

1) You can update your cart.

2) Return to the website, to Continue Shopping.

3) Check out and pay by credit card.

4) Log in and pay with PayPal by clicking the on the Check Out with PayPal button, on the lower right hand side of your Shopping Cart page. 


To pay by credit card, select the orange Check Out box. First, complete each box under Name and Address. Second, review your Order Summary and make changes if necessary. Third, you may write a message in the Customer Notes box. We will receive this message, from you to us, in reference to your order. Fourth, click the box accepting the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statements.


Select your Payment Method and fill in the boxes to complete your payment and finalize your order. Please note that it will not allow you to fill out payment information until the Name and Address boxes are completed first.