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Festival Schedule

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We will post our exact location on our social media platforms, as soon as we park the truck.

Various locations including Street Festival w/participating Productions.

We will aim to cover the various neighborhoods. Locations are posted as a guide.

Locations are subject to change due to weather, parking or any other occurrence. 

2016 Truck Location Schedule



Monday Feb.1 Vacation  
Tuesday Feb.2 45th St. Between 5th & 6th Ave 11:00am-3:30pm 67th St. & Columbus Ave 4-7:30pm
Wednesday Feb.3 Vacation  
Thursday Feb.4 45th st. between 5th & 6th ave 10am-3:30pm Lexington & 86th St.  4pm-7:30pm
Friday Feb.5 45th st. between 5th & 6th ave 12pm-7:30pm Lexington & 86th St, 4pm-7:30pm
Saturday Feb.6 Forest Hills Queens, Austin St. & 71st Ave 12pm-7:30pm
Sunday Feb.7 Forest Hills Queens, Austin St. & 71st Ave 12pm-7:30pm
Monday Feb.8 Vacation  
Tuesday Feb.9 Vacation  
Wednesday Feb.10 Vacation  
Thursday Feb.11 Vacation  
Friday Feb.12 Vacation  
Saturday Feb.13 Vacation  
Sunday Feb.14 Vacation  
Monday Feb.15 Vacation  
Tuesday Feb.16 Vacation  
Wednesday Feb.17 Vacation  
Thursday Feb.18 Vacation  
Friday Feb.19 Vacation  
Saturday Feb.20 Vacation  
Sunday Feb.21 Vacation  
Monday Feb.22 Vacation  
Tuesday Feb.23 Vacation  
Wednesday Feb.24 Vacation  
Thursday Feb.25 Vacation  
Friday Feb.26 Vacation  
Saturday Feb.27 Vacation  
Sunday Feb.28 Vacation  
Monday Feb.29 Vacation